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Second Circular

Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata
Facultad de Humanidades

Second Symposium
“Gilles Deleuze”

Thought and its Reverberations
Art, Science and Philosophy

Mar del Plata,
3 - 5 October 2013

Second Circular

Research Group Escritura y Productividad
Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata

Academic Committee
D     Antonioli, Manola (ENSA, France)
D     Aracagök, Zafer (UB, Turkey)
D     Bogue, Ronald (UGA, USA)
D     Buchanan, Ian (ISTR-UW, Australia)
D     Cangi, Adrián (UBA-UNLP-UNDAV, Argentina)
D     Gorlier, Juan Carlos (UBA-UNQ, Argentina)
D     Justel, Elsa (FD, France-Argentina)
D     Mengue, Philippe (Ud’A-CIPh, France)
D     Moure, Clelia (UNMdP, Argentina)
D     Orlandi, Luiz (IFCH-UNICAMP, Brazil)
D     Pelbart, Peter (PUC-SP, Brazil)
D     Pellejero, Eduardo (UFRN-CCHLA, Brazil)
D     Piña, Cristina (UNMdP, Argentina)
D     Secreto, Cecilia (UNMdP, Argentina)
D       Vasconcellos, Jorge (UFF, Brazil)

The Research Group Escritura y Productividad in seeking proposals for individual and group presentations related to Gilles Deleuze’s thought under the following thematic strands:

D      Aesthetics, Art, and Multimedia
D      Epistemology, Science, and Technology
D      Philosophy and Images of Thought
D      Politics, Control Society, and Minorities
D      Psychology, Schizoanalysis ,and Education
D      Deleuze and Music

The abovementioned strands can be presented in the following formats:

D      Individual or Group Papers
D      Lectures and Round Tables
D      Exposition of Research Projects
D      Launching of Books, Concerts, Artworks

Presentations not related to the Symposium’s thematic strands will not be accepted.
A selection of papers as well as the lectures of the Symposium will be published as an e-book bearing ISBN.


D     Abstracts: 14 June 2013
D     Papers: 2 August 2013

Registration Conditions

Abstracts and papers, together with the registration form, must be submitted by e-mail to 
The languages of the Symposium are:
                                                        Spanish, Portuguese, and English
All presentations will be submitted to the Academic Committee for their acceptation

Abstract Format:

D      Length: up to 200 words
D      Font: Times New Roman
D      Size: 12
D      Including: Title of the paper, Authors, Academic or institutional affiliation, e-mail address

Presentation Format:

D      Up to 8 pages length, including notes and bibliography
D      A4 page
D      Font: Times New Roman
D      Size: 12
D      Line-spacing 1 ½ 


D      Font: Times New Roman
D      Size: 10
D      Single-spaced

Round Tables Presentation Format:
General description of the subject and abstract of each exposition


D      Participants: $ 50
D      Speakers: $ 150
D      Undergraduate Students: free

(to this date)

D      Facultad de Humanidades (Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata)
D      Red de Investigación en Filosofía Francesa (Universidad de Chile)
D      Centro de Estudios e Investigación de Medicina y Arte.
D      Escuela de Filosofía.
D      Fundación Destellos.

Contact and registration:

D      Cel: 54 (0223) 155-694992

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